Autumn Reading

Oct 3rd, 2016 | By | Category: Articles, Book News

We have some great titles that you might like to curl up with this autumn. We have a really interesting book by Mark Olly The Disappearing Ninth Legion that puts this mysterious Roman legion firmly back on the historic map written and presented in an easy and non-technical way by one of Britain’s best up-and-coming storytellers and presenters.

Or how about a dip into the Tudor world with Lady Katherine Knollys or The Tudor Brandons. For more information on the 1549 and 1552 Prayer Books with the thesis that Thomas Cranmer was not directly responsible for the latter, Canon David Jennings book In Just Three Years is an absorbing read.

Or what about the story of the 1882 Palmer Sinai Expedition to Egypt, a spying and terrorist mission that ended in the murder of its participants and was one of the great cause célèbre of the nineteenth century. These Chivalrous Brothers by David Sunderland.

You can find out more about the author of the Last of the Mohicans in Nick Louras’ book James Fenimore Cooper and delve into conspiracy theories with Why the CIA killed JFK and Malcolm X and Hunting the Nazarene, both by John Koerner.

Happy reading!

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