Paradox of our National Security Complex, The

Paradox of our National Security Complex, The

How secrecy and security diminish our liberty and threaten our democratic republic

Predominance of the National Security Complex in government has undermined American liberty and security.


Most Americans live very hectic lives and have little time to devote to reading lengthy tomes on a single subject, never mind researching these matters. Here, in a single volume, Richard Otto presents a series of compelling essays on Vietnam, Watergate and the assassinations of the 1960s. The Paradox of our National Security Complex examines the consequences of our militaristic and corporatist policies since World War II on our liberty, our security, and our democracy.


This is a chilling and well-informed book. I regard it as a moral imperative to articulate such thoughts. ~ David Lorimer, Paradigm Explorer

Many of us suspect that we are living in a national security state that threatens the very foundations of our democratic republic. The Paradox of our National Security Complex, by Richard Otto, illuminates what many well-known and respected people have warned us about. Otto has spent a decade meticulously researching this issue, and he has left no dark corner unexplored. From the harsh demands of intelligence work to win WWII, a Frankenstein monster was born, and its birth certificate was the National Security Act of 1947. The dark forces this seemingly innocuous document unleashed have resulted in freighting agencies that have overthrown sovereign nations, murdered world leaders (including our own), and run drugs with impunity. Otto aptly points out how all of this has conveniently been shrouded in “National Security.” This meticulously researched and referenced work is masterfully written and leaves nothing to the imagination. It is a must-read for researchers and anyone questioning why the United States seems to have entered an era where war and destruction seem to be a never-ending cycle. The Paradox of our National Security Complex, by Richard Otto, expertly exposes how the United States government has become what the framers of the Constitution feared the most. They feared unchecked power not answerable to the people, and Otto clearly illustrates how this was methodically done and by whom. As if with a surgeon's scalpel, he analyzes the political and social dilemmas of our time and sheds light on what really is at stake. He exposes the deep, dark power that JFK threatened and the critical elements that got him killed. Otto also goes into the Vietnam War and exposes why the CIA’s hidden drug trade was a major factor. He also brings to light the enormous courage demonstrated by people in the media and within the national security complex itself. These are the true patriots who possess moral courage and, by expertly telling their stories, Otto inspires us all. This book is a wealth of information and inspiration that is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding U.S. politics and history! ~ Robert Kirkconnell, Readers' Favorite,

Richard Alexander Otto
Richard Alexander Otto Richard Otto worked as an attorney at law in Connecticut for fifteen years. He began his career as an associate attorney at Yules and Yules ...
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