Ropley Past and Present

Ropley Past and Present

A brief story of a Hampshire village

  • Paperback £8.99 || $14.95Mar 28, 2014



This story of the village of Ropley typifies the way an English village grows and changes through the manifold activities of its inhabitants – how its life and vigour are simply a reflection of the dynamism of those who dwell in it. A Hampshire story – which is far more than just another local interest book.

The Ropley Society was founded in 1985 as unofficial watchdog to "protect and enhance" the environment and amenities of the village of Ropley in co-operation with the local authorities. The chairman, Sir Frederick Mason KCVO CMG, came to the village in 1975 after a long and distinguished career in the diplomatic service. In 1980 he founded the East Hampshire Branch of the Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE). He prepared the original edition of this book, compiling documents written over the years by local residents - now edited, expanded, and bought up to date in 2014.

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