Recently Published Books

Catherine of Braganza

Charles II's Restoration Queen

Sarah-Beth Watkins

Apr 2017

Detailed account of the turbulent life of Catherine of Braganza, King Charles II's Restoration queen.

In Just Three Years

Pentecost 1549 to All Saints' 1552 - A Tale of Two Prayer Books

Canon David Jennings

Jul 2016

Pentecost 1549 to All Saints' 1552.

Tudor Brandons, The

Mary and Charles - Henry VIII's Nearest & Dearest

Sarah-Beth Watkins

Jun 2016

The Life and Times of Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon. Amazon #1 Bestseller.

Being British

Our Once and Future Selves

Chris Parish

Jun 2016

How liberals can discover and be part of a new post-traditional story and feel proud of being British.

James Fenimore Cooper: A Life

Nick Louras

May 2016

In the first popular biography of Cooper in a generation, historian Nick Louras brings the man and his age vividly to life.

Hunting the Nazarene

The Second Resurrection of Christ

John Koerner

Apr 2016

A groundbreaking new analysis of the Gospel of John provides evidence that Jesus Christ rose from the dead a second time.

These Chivalrous Brothers

The Mysterious Disappearance of the 1882 Palmer Sinai Expedition

David Sunderland

Jan 2016

The story of the 1882 Palmer Sinai Expedition to Egypt, a spying and terrorist mission that ended in the murder of its participants and was one of the great cause célèbre of the nineteenth century.

Life & Times of the Real Robyn Hoode, The

Mark Olly

Oct 2015

A Journey of Discovery.

Lady Katherine Knollys: The Unacknowledged Daughter of King Henry VIII

Sarah-Beth Watkins

Jan 2015

Comprehensive account of Katherine Knollys' life, not previously explored.

Why The CIA Killed JFK and Malcolm X

The Secret Drug Trade in Laos

John Koerner

Nov 2014

A new groundbreaking work presenting evidence that the CIA silenced JFK to protect its secret drug trade in Laos.

Beaten But Not Defeated

Siegfried Moos - A German anti-Nazi who settled in Britain

Merilyn Moos

Oct 2014

Siegi Moos, an anti-Nazi and active member of the German Communist Party, escaped Germany in 1933 and, exiled in Britain, sought another route to the transformation of capitalism.

Schoolboy's Wartime Letters, A

An evacuee's life in WWII — a personal memoir

Geoffrey Iley

Sep 2014

A boy writes home during WWII, revealing his own fascinating story, full of zest for life, information and humour.

Cromwell was Framed

Ireland 1649

Tom Reilly

Aug 2014

Revealed: The definitive research that proves the Irish nation owes Oliver Cromwell a huge posthumous apology for wrongly convicting him of civilian atrocities in 1649.

Ropley Past and Present

A brief story of a Hampshire village

The Ropley Society

Mar 2014

Disappearing Ninth Legion, The

A Popular History

Mark Olly

Jun 2011

The Disappearing Ninth Legion examines hard evidence for the foundation, development, mysterious disappearance, or possible continuation of Rome's lost Legion.

  • Mark OllyMark OllyMark Olly was born in 1962 in Warrington, England, and educated at Appleton Hall County Grammar Scho...
  • John KoernerJohn KoernerJohn Koerner is an adjunct professor of American History at Erie Community College and the founder o...
  • Tom ReillyTom ReillyAmateur historian Tom Reilly has almost single-handedly taken on the might of academia with regard t...
  • Chris ParishChris ParishChris Parish is passionate about the subject of Britain, having spent years studying the national cu...
  • Geoffrey IleyGeoffrey IleyGeoffrey Iley has been writing since childhood, but his working life was in manufacturing, where he ...
  • The Ropley SocietyThe Ropley Society
  • Merilyn MoosMerilyn MoosMerilyn Moos is a retired lecturer and writer.. She is the author of the semi-autobiographical novel...
  • Nick LourasNick LourasNick Louras is an author and historian.
  • Canon David JenningsCanon David JenningsCanon David Jennings is a parish priest and also Canon Theolgian at Leicester Cathedral. He has prev...
  • Donna BrysonDonna BrysonDonna Bryson is an author and freelance journalist living in Colorado with her husband and daughter....
  • Richard Alexander OttoRichard Alexander OttoRichard Otto worked as an attorney at law in Connecticut for fifteen years. He began his career as a...
  • David SunderlandDavid SunderlandDavid Sunderland is the author of five books and numerous articles on the economic history of London...
  • Sarah-Beth WatkinsSarah-Beth WatkinsSarah-Beth Watkins has been a freelance writer for over 20 years writing for magazines and websites,...